This summer, we have a student intern giving the CIS Web site a much-needed facelift

The Program combines summer work experience with an educational program designed to provide students an opportunity to participate in and contribute to Maine government

Kevin took many of his classes online, and his instructors have commented that he stood out because he was always so polite and thanked them for taking time to assist him.

One of the things that we would like to have on the front page of the site is a dynamic alumni highlight that would be different each time a viewer views the site.

If you are thinking of participating in an internship in the fall 2014 semester, now is the time to begin to think about the type of experience you want to gain. If you have a clear goal in mind, it will be easier to find an internship that you can get excited about.

In the Explore Internship section of the Project Login Web site, there is a list of the currently available internships with major businesses around the entire State of Maine. The focus of the internships are in many areas of IT: Operations Analyst, Network and Desktop Support, Help Desk Engineer, IS Intern, Business Analyst, mer, Business Intelligence, HR, Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, Network Administrator, Technical Support, Software Engineers, Information Systems, Programmers, Web Development, Software Developer and Tester, Information Technology Specialist, Application Architecture Analyst.

In the past year, participating Maine businesses have offered over 93 internship positions. In the summer of 2014, three UMA students have been selected to intern at one of these participating businesses.

The . From “The Maine Government Summer Internship Program is a full-time, 12 week, paid work experience. Most positions are in state government agencies in Augusta. Applications are accepted online in March each year.”

Given our physical closeness to the State offices, UMA CIS students are in a good position to apply for these competitive internship opportunities. Over the past five years, this has been an excellent resource for summer internship experiences.

In the last few years, we have partnered with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) for the State of Maine and Aplicaciones de sexo iPhone with direct interaction with the Director of Workforce Development, have placed several students each semester in various IT-related internship positions. According to the Director, over 70% of student interns remain with the State after the internship experience is completed.

If you are a graduate of the UMA Computer Information Systems program, we would love to have a paragraph about your current employment status to post on our Web site

For approximately eight years, the CIS program has enjoyed an academic/professional partnership with Eastern Maine Development Corp (EMDC). Under the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Supportive Services, a program sponsored by EMDC to assist woman-owned and minority businesses become more competitive bidding on MDOT contracts, students have been given an opportunity to apply IT skills. Although not limited to Web design and development, generally, the student will work with an EMDC client to establish a Web presence. Not only does this give students an opportunity to apply Web design and development skills, but it also provides an opportunity to interact directly with a client.

There are currently two positions for Web design and development internships available for fall 2014. One of the internship positions requires a working knowledge of PHP. The other position requires proficiency in HTML and CSS3. Students who have taken CIS131 Web Design and Development, CIS231 JavaScript, and CIS251 Web Authoring Tools, and CIS333 PHP (or can demonstrate equivalent skills) will be selected for these open positions. There will be a $1500 stipend for each of these internships.